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Did you friend get a job promotion? Graduate? Get married? Have a baby? Getting a vacation to Korea? Make sure you say, "Chukha hamnida!" It's probably one of the least "everyday" useful Korean phrases I've learned, but I think it's my favorite! I've found plenty of occasions to use it, and people are always delighted. This Howcast video teaches you how to congratulate someone in Korean. The romanization is a little different from the standard (which I used above), but it is actually more helpful in terms of pronunciation. You learned a new phrase! Chukha hamnida!
hi im south korean live in gwangju chanlanhaeyo is non common pharase in korea the similar pharase of brilliant is ggetnaejweoyo! 끝내줘요!
You're welcome, @sherrysahar!
aweome :D i like Brilliant the most Charranaeoyo its sounds soo cute and cheerful thanks 4 sharing :)
Lol. If you play the game else would was the characters are Korean, you would finally be able to understand some of the things that they are saying.