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In the style of my Emotional First Aid Kit ( I've made a list of silly things that girls always tend to think about packing. I try to not ever pack in advance because then as I wait to head out on my trip I will continue to stuff things into my bag. Sometimes its just extra socks, sometimes I try to fit something even more ridiculous! Don't deny that a few of these haven't crossed your mind when packing for a fun destination! 1. The stiletto heels you never wear Who knows where you’ll end up on your vacation! Lizzie McGuire had no idea she was going to be performing at a the European Music Awards when she headed to Rome - that could be you! Right? 2. Unseasonable dresses If you're heading out to the arctic tundra (or Montreal) chances are you won't be needing that cute little summer dress you're thinking of packing. No matter how many pairs of tights you put on, it will not be warm enough! 3. Nice Lingerie My bag always ALWAYS gets searched at the airport so if my underwear is going to explode out of my suitcase all over the floor it might as well be cute underwear!! 4. Workout sneakers I always have these grand plans to go to the gym or a morning jog near the hotel, but let's be real - I'm not getting fit over the break, if anything I'm going to be eating twice as much as I usually do and sleeping til noon! 5. Your blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron, and roller set Regardless of how little room I have in my bags, you'd best believe I'm going to try to fit my hair straightener in there! 6. Purse options Well you need a nice bag, and a day bag, and a bigger nice bag, and maybe a backpack? But what about that cute tiny purse that doesn't even fit your wallet?? So many options ;) 7. Every book you’ve been meaning to read “I’ll read it on the plane.” - the lie I tell myself every time I put a book in my carry-on. 8. That journal you never write in Maybe the first day or two will be recorded. Maybe. But chances are that journal is going to be a nice little collection of blank pages for you to look at some time in the future :) Packing is always a fun ordeal, but forgetting something important is the worst! Forget all these frivolous things and make sure you're packing what you really need - then add in those crazy heels if you have room!
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I always have at least 3 books in my carry on for a flight but I always read a few chapters of one if I'm lucky!