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i love this little guy, small but full of life w/a big personality......he keeps me company and follows me around when im home on the wkends....he's a great cuddlier ♥
they live outer state so i only see them once in awhile but i have a few pics of them....ill upload and tag you (*_*)
lolzzz ... what abt tori and zoey pix?
@oj1992 you sooo funny, actually honestly he thinks im his...what i mean by that, is that he marks me whenever he initially sees me. at first we couldnt figure out why he would only pee on me and no one else??? we knew cats were territory but we never assumed dogs?? so we looked it up and yep, they like to mark there whenever i visit my sister's house, i would have to wait outside for him to greet me b/c she tired of him peeing on carpets and the floors of the house whenever he saw me...hahahahaha!!!!!
guess he follows you a lot coz he knows a pretty gal when he sees one.
so cute!!
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