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Winter is arriving! Celebrate the season by making this snow globe inspired by the cutest character, Olaf, from Disney's Frozen! Kids will love it! Materials you'll need: Jar Superglue Glitter Plastic figurines Glue gun Instructions: 1. Place your figurines on the inside of the lid and pop the jar over just to test what height everything will be when the globe is finished. Depending on the height of the lid you may have to put a little styrofoam under your figurines to lift them up a bit. 2. When you're satisfied with the positions and heights, glue the figurines in place with fast acting super glue. Set it aside to let the superglue work. 3. Fill the jar with cool water then add the glitter to the water jar and stir. 4. Time to seal the jar! With your glue gun run a ring of glue around the inside of the lid and as quickly as you can (before the glue hardens) close the lid on the jar and tighten.
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Thanks :)
Is this how snow globes are made? I never thought about it and it just makes so much sense haha
Great craft to do with the kids in the winter!
This is so cute!