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With all the crazy applications popping up that utilize smart phone cameras in unique ways, I wasn't too surprised to find out about this new app. Peek Retina is a small group of engineers, researchers, and software developers that found out how to use a smartphone camera and an attachment that turns an ordinary smartphone into a portable eye examination device. The purpose of this device is to reduce preventable blindness, a huge problem in third world countries. This little device combine with the application allows healthcare works to provide poor and rural areas with convenient, affordable eye examinations. The project Peek Retina recently an IndieGoGo campaign in order to raise money for this project. The project itself gained a lot of attention after Andrew Bastawrous featured the device and app combo in a TED talk. One can only image what crazy use they will find for phone cameras in the future.
This is so crazy!
Wow, this is so awesome and inspiring, I hope they are able to fundraise everything
Okay now this is just amazing! The applications for regular phone cameras are growing so much!