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In an interesting film by Danny Cooke, put together while working for 60 Minutes for a piece about Chernobyl, we can take a look at a city left in time 30 years ago when the disaster on April 26th occurred. Watch the film above. Why is Chernobyl still in the news? Because it's still dangerous! Even now, 30 years later, the temporary tomb covering the reactor is failing, and radiation is leaking. Inside the Zone, contractors are working hard to build an arc that will be larger than the Statue of Liberty, and cover the reactor in a way that prevents it from leaking anymore. This footage is from Pripyat, a small city nearby, that has been abandoned for 30 years. The piece by CNN, "The Catastrophe that Never Ended" can be found here: One of the most interesting aspects of taking a look at Chernobyl is that on the surface, minus the spooky setting and lack of people in the buildings, is that the nature still seems to be thriving. But Danny, the creator of this video, commented that he didn't see any wildlife apart from birds/insects. There are birds and insects in the zone, though, and they've been found to be adapting to the radiation in some ways, though many scientists are claiming that it is simply too early to tell. To read the discussion, check this article out: We can never forget the nuclear catastrophes that have happened to us. But, we can learn from them, and hope that in the future, we will see less of these eerie videos that tell us that something horrible happened, and it's still happening today.
@Goyo Agreed. I enjoyed the 60 minutes piece on the area, but this video, I thought, did a better job at illustrating what is left behind at the end (and in the continuation) of such a disaster.
I was not very familiar with this particular disaster. I researched it a bit after reading this, and I can understand why there are people who argue against nuclear power. The video was really well done...