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more college projects :) PS first attempt at light trials.
@caricakes Usually a long exposure does the trick. In your case, moving the camera just speeds up the light so the object you are photographing doesn't need as long of a shutter speed. Your pictures will be clearer with a tripod though. @PicoloChelsea You should think about getting a tripod and shutter release if you are into long exposure! The shutter release will allow you to keep the shutter open as long as you want while the tripod will hold that thing steady!
You have to use long-exposure to create light trails right? I used to move my camera really fast to blur the lights for the same effect but it never turned out right haha
@dillonk I used a tripod for most of these, my problem was I missed a part of lesson due to a meeting so never actually got told what settings to put in properly, it was my first go at it so I had to just guess xD. these were mainly motion blurs and zooms with light trials. it was also difficult as the whole class were in one small area and you were allowed onto the pavement haha. I also used shutter release but again it was my first go so I wasnt too sure what I was doing :) thanks for the tips
@caricakes I used a long exposure here it was my first attempt on it lol.