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Ice climbers do some crazy stuff. As if rock climbing isn't dangerous enough already, they use spiky shoes and pick axes to get up the faces of mountains covered in snow and ice. This guy was climbing up the side when a rock or piece of ice comes loose. He looses his grip and he slides down the mountain hitting rocks as he goes. I hope he turns out okay!
Was he ice climbing? Looked like he was snowboarding to me! lol. Either way, that avalanche hit so quick--glad to see he was alright!
@MBTAMike @chowder Thanks for fixing it! Wow, that's crazy. Another place I don't want to be is here, though. I hope everything was alright. He is so lucky that he came to a stop!!
@happyrock @MBTAMike I fixed this video, it now has the one I was trying to post! Sorry guys!
@happyrock he posted again and fixed it