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Smart idea! Sandwich bags that have green fungus printed on both sides. Moldy sandwiches that people wouldn’t want to steal haha. and did you know that you can actually buy these? ( you can get it over here: I read over the reviews. I thought that it would be used only at schools but realized that a lot of people working at offices actually buy ‘em. One of the review saids that some co-workers steal food out of the community fridges and after putting sandwich in anti-theft lunch bags, those co-workers actually thought that they were moldy and stopped stealing food out of the fridge! :)
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Hahahah gross!! I love it! :)
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new ideology
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though this would be a good idea to keep your lunch safe don't you think the first person to look into the fridge and see this might think to through the "moldy" sandwich away? I mean I would
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This is the nice way. The nasty way is to spike your food with diuretics.
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Sorry I meant a laxative
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