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"Just roll with it!" This is what I've learn while baking. I remembered my first attempt of baking was during high school. I was trying to bake a birthday cake for my sister and while the cake didn't turn out aesthetically beautiful it was edible. I didn't know how to assemble and layer a cake, so I named it "earthquake" because it looked like a natural disasters (chocolate cake). However, I'm glad I made those mistakes because I learned how to improve over time. I'm far from being a perfect baker, though it's more presentable! I'm looking forward to learn more through this community! I'm already inspired by a few of you @carolinian87, @cupcakelady @alohajpark @HappyMartha, and @neostar (although you've been posting bento, it's inspiring to see your passion!)
@HappyMartha I'm always encourage to see people trying despite of difficulties! I was really impress with your "poli" cake. :)
Very glad that one of my card was helpful to you. Thankyou for the mention. have a wonderful days!
you are welcome 😊
good for you stargaze keep up the good work. thank you for the mention
@cupcakelady Thanks for being an inspiration! I'm loving your cards! :)