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"Do you want to be Queen so much that you killed my brother?!?"
Jae Shin will confront Hang Ah who is under suspicion for murdering the former King in ep 9 which will air tonight at 9:50 KST. I will be doing live recap again so be sure to check back <a href=http://www.vingle.net/The-King-2-Hearts><b><u>K2H Party</u></b></a> later!
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wow soula81, thank you soooo much, but i need to ask you smthg IS SHE WEARING A PINK BRA UNDER HER LACE SHIRT?????
5 years ago·Reply
@bootyfull I was wondering that too!! o_O
5 years ago·Reply
@ soula81 kekeke it's very.... PINK! hahaha
5 years ago·Reply
sexy pink :X
5 years ago·Reply
wow. how were you aware of it.../ bootyful? you are very sharp. o_o
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