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Job Interview Today!
I have a job interview at 10am today at Panera Bread :D and I'm Longboarding there of course xD Wish me luck dudes and dudettes!!!!
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I GOT THE JOB!! i was interviewed by two managers an they hired me right on the spot :D my first day is Thursday!! Thanks for the positive vibes guys!!
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Thanks for the encouragement guys! @MicahKnopp @EugeneAlcantar @DanielSpazJames @ThomasOwen
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If you have a car, drive. They want an employee that can be punctual and on time, and with longboarding its kinda not a guarantee. But with a car? The only way you're not getting to work is if you crash or run out of gas. Thats why I'm driving to my interviews, even to my skate shop.
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you can do it! @filirican hahaha :) go get us some steezy yeast haha
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Congrats on nailing the interview and getting the job @filirican!!!! it was the longboard that got it for you haha ;)
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