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Don't be freaked out by the first six pages of thsi book - it's one long sentence, listing every rock and roll hall-pf-famer in 28 years. You asked for a history of rock and roll and you're going to get it! Unlike all previous versions of rock ’n’ roll history, this book doesn't talk about those iconic performers and legends that everyone already knows. Instead, the incredible author of numerous books on rock and roll, Greil Marcus selects ten songs recorded between 1956 and 2008, then proceeds to explain exactly how each embodies rock and roll as a concept with dramatized stories that will illustrate exactly what that song means to music history. “Transmission” by Joy Division. “All I Could Do Was Cry” by Etta James and then Beyoncé. “To Know Him Is to Love Him,” first by the Teddy Bears and almost half a century later by Amy Winehouse. Chronology is tossed out the window and instead the music tells the story. According to Yale Press, "this book, by a founder of contemporary rock criticism is destined to become an enduring classic."
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Sounds like a fun read, but also something that might require me to make a playlist to "listen along." I'll try to find it at my library, thanks~!