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!!Warning this video is rated 19+ in Korea!! So I found this guy today and I'm glad I did, his rapping is really awesome, and apparently, (I don't know if this is true or not) he is ranked as one of the worlds fastest rappers. I've also seen this song title translated as hand, but it was called son on the iTunes Store so I'm sticking with that :) First of all the mv is pretty cool being half graphic novel, there is a bit of gore but it's not too bad, honestly this would be rated M in Australia not R but that doesn't really matter. The mv was a little hard to follow at first but after a couple of watches I think can kind of see what's going on, I think it will all make much more sense when the continuation of the story comes out with his next song :) The song itself is pretty amazing in my opinion, I've been listening to rap for quite a few years now, and honestly it's one of my favourite music genres, so for me this song is a real winner ^^ I'm definitely gonna be checking out some more of this guys stuff :) I'd be interested to see you react to this @snowinseoul I'd also like to know what everyone else thought of this, did you love it or hate it? Credit to the owner of this video :)
@danidee hopefully one day I'll know every word he says also XD
@danidee Fighting!!! xD
열심히 공부하자! Let's study hard! :)
Your welcome @sherrysahar :)
this MV Is sooo sad but definitely Superb i really don't know about outsider but damn damn there is so much pain in his rap music i have to check him out thanks 4 sharing tis @Mattk95
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