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Wheels that have a longer life than butterballs?
The title says most of it. I want some slide wheels that have a longer life than the S9 butterballs. And are there wheels that are designed both for slide and freestyle?(Still somewhat new to all the deeper details of longboarding).
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I use otangs too they've lasted forever and I slide the shit out of em
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what about abec 11 free rides?
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They're good. I just like big wheels for freestyle especially if they're square lipped because they bounce around a lot less and usually roll straighter when you throw the board. Plus when you move to your lighter wheels it is so much easier to manipulate the board! I heard a lot of good about abec 11 but some of my friends have flatspotted them so I don't know
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Abec 11s are pretty good. Just get a bit bigger size if you want them to last longer.
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