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Live recap ENDED ------------------------------------------------------ Refresh this card or <a href=><b><i>K2H Party</i></b></a> for live update. I will update this card every 1-2 minutes. If you like this recap, please spread the words and comment below~~~ <b>Legend</b> Jae Ha: JH Kang Ah: KA Jae Shin: JS Shi Kyung: SK Kyu Tae: KT Queen Dowager: QD Bong Goo: BG ----------------------------------------------------------- BG does a 90 degree bow while saying it's an honor to meet JH and it's good to meet him again. BG looks at the portrait of the former King and pretends to weep for him. JH asks if he knows his brother. They are having a meal (breakfast) I guess. BG comments on the clam soup. BG said something in a creepy tone to JH which leaves him with a serious look SK came to visit JS and brought something for her. Looks like a cage covered with white cloth so maybe a bird but she's listening to the music while reading a magazine. He noticed her leg hanging outside the blanket so he comes closer to put it back for her (would you normally do that??!!) She noticed him and shoved him away. He takes the white cloth off and it's a parrot. He awkwardly tries to get the parrot to say something and JS laughs at him. He takes the yellow parrot out of the cage and gives it to JS. It climbs on JS shoulder, poking her mouth in a cute way. She talks to it and looks happy Back to BG and JH. BG gave JH a pen as a present. IT's the one he used to stab JH with when he was young. He just revealed that he used it to stab JH but JH cooly said he can't remember and laughs it off then walks away. BG is unhappy with JH's response. BG goes back to visit his high school and tells his foreign guard that it was at this window that he wrote I am King. He wonders how can JH reacts like he did. He decides to donate 50 billion (not sure if it's dollar or won) to royal family. JH asks KT why BG wants to donate 50 billion. Is as a condolence to the former King? KT got a phone from a foreign man. KT asks what he wants. The guy says don't worry he's not gonna ask him where the king goes on vacation. KT hangs up. At the King's vacation home. They're doing some construction. QD walks in the room where former King and queen dies. She looks at the sofa and fireplace and remembers seeing dead bodies of them. She walks out and saw SK with a black box and asks what it is. SK brings the box to HA. She opens it and sees a black old model cell phone and looks shocked. JH comes to see HA and SK leaves. JH asks what the box HA is hiding behind her is. She tells him what SK told her, he looks a bit shocked and left. HA's dad walks around restlessly as he hears news about the box. JS and QD are watching the news which says the poison which cause the dead of former king is found near where he passed away with a cell phone which appears to belong to North Korea. JS got upset and went to confront HA asking do you want the queen position so much that you killed my brother. And if that's why she treated JS nicely. HA with a serious look ask JS if she cant remember anything since she went there. She asks if JS saw the King. JS said it doesn't matter and hope HA isn't acting. BG's guard is reporting to him while his girlfriend is having her hair done by the assassin girl (I think her name is Bon Bon). He asks her about JS. She told him she did what he asked and didn't touch a strand of her hair but the jumping was unexpected. He said it's ok JS and QD are in the green house. A dramatic music is playing she looks at the black CD player and has some flashback about someone with black gloves and black gun. She feels like throwing up but in the end it doesn't look like she remember anything KT goes to have a meeting. They argue about putting HA on trial. KT went to meet JH he angrily asks her how HA is connected to the murder. KT says the royal family has responsibility too. And it's not his fault for not blocking the news. He didn't agree about marriage with NK. He asks JH to send HA away but he says HA is part of the royal family now. KT said but she's North Korean and that JH acts like this because he likes her. JH said he will not hand her over JH went to meet HA who is reading the news on her ipad and got worried. JH said let's have a drink and they remember last time they drank. HA talks about the investigation. She says she will go so don't worry. JH with tells HA that he believes in her. This scene is so touching because JH is looking at JH with eyes that full of trust and strong feeling for her and so is HA Next morning, HA is getting ready to go to the investigation bureau. Before she goes the QD wants to see her. QD said she will not let HA go and tells her that her hair looks nice and she should be confident because she's part of the royal family. So touching! JH is watching the reporters on the TV surround HA asking questions. At the interrogation. They asks about her being the leader of the special force in NK. She shows them her cell phone. It was her father's text telling her to follow the way of SK and that's why she's here (following the law and do the interrogation). The officer looks uneasy and unhappy and so does KT. JH is video chat with HA's dad. He told JH that he found that the bomb which was installed during their WOC training was from Club M. JH is shocked and wonders why BG gives them 50bil. HA comes back and saw JS waiting for her in the room. She asks about the interrogation and jokes if HA says bad things about royal family (I think). It seems they're on good terms now. JH is checking his laptop and he says a name Shim Eun Ha. Next day NK and SK officers are having serious talk. Then all of them left and some big figure from NK went in (is it the president?). So they are talking one on one now. NK says it's not possible that's is them. There's no evidence. BG is taking a bath and shocked to hear the news from his foreign secretary that not enough evidence to prove that it was NK that did it. BG is unhappy and thinks what he can do to fake evidence. Another meeting of officers and they argue again. KT and SK come to meet JH. KT says something but SK is shocked because KT is not telling the truth. SK is saying that it is not right and NK never invented EP070 (the poison?) KT stops him and tells him to go out SK left. JH is surprised at the news. KT is badmouthing about NK that NK. JH said NK is innocent. JH yells at KT. KT walks out and scolds SK. SK says JH is the King and he should know the truth. KT yells at him, SK bows and leaves. HA is in her room talking to her dad. Her dad asks if she's alright. Suddenly her expression go serious and filled with anger. She's not looking at the computer. KT is standing in front of her. KT said he comes on behalf of JH. HA asks if she has to go again. She said she's not confident. And she's scared. KT said she's going to be Queen so she should (?) be afraid of them? HA with tears in her eyes said they all hate her. She said something about the truth. JH is wearing traditional royal King robe and talking on the phone with KT. He said to treat her with dignity. KT looks at the portrait of former King, he bows and apologized. but said it was for the best. QD is worried and wants to change the channel but JS said no let's watch HA's live interrogation. They ask HA what she thinks about SK and she said it has famous girls group and that Korea is warm and people are passionate and have deep affection. They asks that but she is an officer of NK so if there's war would she be on North or South side? JH is mad about the way the officer interrogates HA so he calls and scolds them as they talk on TV. He orders to announce that it is not North Korea but it seems they refuse saying his money is from the people's taxes (I don't really get it) HA came back from the interrogation. JH saw KT and tells him HA did a good job right and is about to go see her but KT said it would be good to go see her tomorrow since she's tired. HA is talking on the laptop with her dad but she got upset at her dad and shut the screen down. She remembers the time with JH. And their talk the other day. He said let's go eat and as he opens the door, a bright light shines over his head. HA is shocked, JH turns around and shots her. HA wakes up. It was a nightmare. She looks for her phone, about to dial for her dad I think but decides not to and wipes her tears Next morning, JH personally brought her breakfast. Saying Kim Hang Ah-sshi (so cute!) where are you. He found her sitting at the desk and asks if she wants to play hide and seek. He tries to hold her hand but she shakes him off. She said some mean things to him on purpose about how he played around and then just become King. Also something about garbage. JH's eyes are all red with tears. HA says sorry with sarcastic tone that she didn't know he's sensitive about saying people are garbage. And that people are saying the Korean King is garbage. She asks him to say something. Does he like her or what. JH looks at her, his eyes are so red, saying yes I do. He said he believes in her but she…He told her to go back to the North now. HA utters Comrade Lee Jae Ha but JH turned around and left. END Preview: couldn't catch much cuz I was typing this T_T Anyway, HA returns the ring(?) I saw she put a bracelet with a big stone (gem/diamond?) on the table. HA returns to NK it seems. She is wearing the NK Hanbok and cries on her dad's shoulder. BG is up to no good again. JH is talking to someone on the phone and he looks angry Anyway preview and screenshots with proper summary should be up soon. Hope you enjoy this live recap. See you tomorrow!!!
Thanks for the details recap. and happy to see the king trust hang ah
THANKS for the live recaps... I've been waiting for Ep 9 like crazy..Really looking forward for the ep leak soon...
thanks a lot for the live recap, help me a lot to understand the're the best <3
@all: you're welcome! I'm glad you guys like it. that will give me energy for tomorrow's recap cuz im so out of energy right now haha. gotta go find some late snack. See you all tomorrow!
Oh, no HA could never talk that to JH. She must be very upset and thought that made him mad and made him to send her away. so that she could help him.
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