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well right now in LA its raining and i want to use my longboard but i worry that the grip tape is goin to fuk up and the trucks. Is a spray on grip better or the same and if which wat trucks are good as well for the rain? help is appreciated
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I personally due a layer of polyurethane high gloss spray over all the boards that I make so they're waterproof. Haven't had a warped board yet. Plus there's more to worry about in the rain. Your going to trash your bearings if water gets in their.
thanks for the info guys very helpful@KTM2014 @tristendamon @EugeneAlcantar
you can take your board to a boat manufacturer and get the boat grip on your board. that's what I did. As for waterproof bearings/trucks you can plasti-dip your trucks and use waterproof grease on your bearings and just dry the bearings after your wet ride.
It takes a lot to water log a board. It just soaks up a bunch of water and becomes really heavy. I rode my Gullwing trucks in the rain because they were my old ones. anything in condition will work though because it's going to be less likely to rust. I always take everything apart when I'm done rainstating. EVERYTHING. I hate rainskating because of that, and it teaches you bad habits. I hope this helps you @TonyDeAnda
@TonyDeAnda it's when water get in your board and warps the board and ruins the deck
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