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Threw stone stickers on my LTD, since it was getting a little scratched. Don't have many skate stickers so i just used what i had. Going to add homestar runner when i find him.
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Thanks. I usually wipe it down after i ride.
3 years ago·Reply
That's a little crazy in my opinion but what ever floats your boat. That is definitely worth taking pride in though! Beautiful board
3 years ago·Reply
i like to keep it clean :)
3 years ago·Reply
word. I should show you my switch right now. It's still pretty caked in dirt and mud because I haven't cleaned it. Poor calibers:( Go check out some of my cards like Sitting With The Dog and you'll see how I roll. I don't give F! But I still take good care of my stuff so I can respect your OCD for lack of a better term
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if you send a SASE to muirskaemte then they will send you free stickers bro!
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