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Its crazy how we can become so lost by our addictions, we become so addicted to something that in a sense they control us. We become so controled that we only see our addiction and become blind to everything else, so addicted that we no longer feel for anything else except the feeling of our addiction. And the worst part of it is that we become addicted to bad things only to escape other bad things in life. But that never works, its like fighting fire with fire. And with time addictions tend to grow like the way a fire would in time. Sadly most addiction are bad not good. You Don't see someone being addicted to winning or addicted to success. Its time we break the ice and turn it to water and over come our addictions its time that we become the flooding waters to wash away our addiction that suck us dry like a drought. Its time we change ourselves remember no one but ourselves can help make the right choices.
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that can be true, but that could also mean that we make it bad ourselves because of how much bad there is in the world it almost seems natural to us now.
Even when we are addicted to somehing "good," once it becomes an addiction, it's no longer good, Ithink! It becomes too dangerous