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Kevin Horan Takes Some Dramatic Portraits of Farm Animals

Washington-based photographer Kevin Horan has created a pretty unusual series of portraits. Delivered with a Herb Ritts-esque black and while intimacy, Horan celebrates some pretty profound-looking goats and sheep. I can't tell if they're voguing or posing for Time Magazine's Farm Animal of the Year. I'll let you decide when you flip through these pictures!
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I like some of Kevin Horan's other works, like Route 66 or Window Seat. I just don't connect to this project as much. Is it just supposed to be funny/playful?
MY MYYY What can I say I never knew goat can be great models I am just speechless :) love it
their eyes seem so sad, beautiful
The sepia/black contrast of the photos are amazing. I wonder if this was post-processed or was this taken as. Either way, his use of light!
I am trying to decide what each of them are thinking and they are all every dramatic existential thoughts :)
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