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It is as infinite as time And as navigable as your own home. It is has an answer for your questions And a relief for all your worries. It has room for every friend and family And accommodates for remaining comfortably. It is a sanctuary for remembering Even for the people who aren't believing. It is a continuance of your being. It is like never ending state of dreaming. Today, you're in the thoughts of many So be smiling down at us dear Kenny. -Written about heaven and my fiances friend who passed away. Written one year after his death.
This is beautiful - and the image is a great choice. I think the style of the poem is reminiscent of a riddle form, which does a lot to create interest and keep leading the reader down the page to know more. Very tender piece.
Very touching @KaitlynnJanae. Really nice piece; and written for a great reason. Thanks for sharing this..
thank you all :) loving the feed back. I hope this piece makes people think about a heaven or a place for love ones to go once they pass away. I wanted this piece to make people feel comfort in death.
i searched a bit for a fitting picture to use that helped complement the piece. so thank you for your comment I'm glad someone thinks its fitting. @goyo
This is a great combination of visuals and writing. What actually caught my attention at first was the imagery, then when I read the poem, the image had me rethinking the poem. Great choice and a good piece @KaitlynnJanae