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The best way to store and maintain a finished art piece is to frame it with a glass covering as soon as you can, but of course, there are times when that's not very simple! Not all art pieces are so two-dimensional, and not all works have the same effect when put behind a pane of glass. With that being said, if you must, here are some ways to clean your artwork, freeing it from dust or whatever else has accumulated on the work over time. 1. Dusting Any Project (Including Sculptures): Gently go over the work using a brush with dense and thick bristles. (The best brush for this task would be one with what are called 'mop' bristles. Examples can be seen in the second photo in this card.) Make sure both your brush and your composition are dry. Push in to get into the corners and crevices, if needed. 2. Oil Painting Maintenance #1: Dip a small natural sponge in soap and water. Squeeze the sponge out, and do a 'spot check' in a very small corner of the painting to confirm that the paint will not come off. If you are able to touch the painting without taking any paint off, continue gently moving across the canvas with the sponge. (Dab, don't rub!) 3: Oil Painting Maintenance #2: Saturate the end of a Q-Tip in a commercial oil painting cleaner. (I recommend Winsor & Newton's Artists' Picture Cleaner, which usually runs from $10-12, but is currently on sale for $7 in the Blick Art Supply link below.) Very slowly, move the Q-Tip from corner to corner on the painting until the entire canvas has been treated. Fun fact: This method is actually how art restoration teams have maintained frescos from the Italian Renaissance for so many centuries. And hey, if it's good for Michelangelo, it's good for us. Let me know if you come across any problems or have a piece that you just really want to clean, but none of these methods seem suitable. I'd love to help you guys out!