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Here are the color photos I took of the rolling work of art - I've taken to calling it the "Hippy Love Van"... but that hardly describes this van adequately. These photos really give you a sense of what it's like to walk up to this van - how overwhelming it is. And how you could spend hours looking for the little hidden messages and often humorous pop references.
That was on heck on an information drop! Do you save money cutting the 100ft roles and re loading them? I'd image you do.. I haven't really done much color film developing, I figured most people were phasing out of color film and opting for digital or B&W.
I love 50mm f1.8 lens. However, I'm not a Nikon user the colors are too deep the type of photos I take. I generally shoot lifestyle photography and I like the colors and tone Canon brings out. My to-go's are Canon 5d Mark I (I know there's a few upgraded version, but I still love this camera and it does the job well!) and Canon rebel t3i (mainly for traveling). Recently, I've been exploring with film and I really enjoy playing with (my friend's) Leica M9 for b/w photo and wedding photography. I was thinking to invest in one myself for travel/lifestyle documentary. Also, I've been looking through your photo journalism collection and I really love this b&w photo. This was why I asked if you used two cameras or lens because your photos displayed different feels. I actually like this (hippy van) card and my favorite photo is actually the 5th photo because it's more focused compared to the rest. And I definitely agree I think it would have been a killer if it was shot in film!
I used two cameras - 3 lenses - I used a Nikon D1X Digital with a 50mm f1.8 lens. It was a bright day so I was probably at somewhere around f8 - f11 - And I used a Nikon F5 - I shot the last 5 shots on a B&W roll I had then switched to 320ISO Tungsten Balanced Kodak Vision 3 motion picture film. I am so used to shooting with Tungsten balanced film (because that's pretty much the only thing you shoot with in the film industry). I had gotten into the habit of buying 100ft rolls of motion picture 35mm film from Kodak in Hollywood and then going into a dark room and loading 35mm still cartridges with it. I honestly know the Kodak Vision 3 stock so well I can calculate exposure for it on the fly... The lenses I used on the F5 were a 24mm f2.8 and a 35mm f2.8 Also, I have learned to trust the spot matrix meter in my Nikon and Canon digital cameras - but for film, and the F5 is as good as it gets - I still carried an incident meter with me. I'd rather expose for the light hitting the subject than reflecting off. You get better exposures with it. Another reason for using Vision 3 is its insane latitude. That film stock has 15 stops of latitude. Over or under expose by 2 stops and the image is typically still ok and can be salvaged. Vision 3 is really the pinnacle of film stock technology - and most people outside of the motion picture and Television industries have never heard of it. I usually always shoot with primes. I only own 2 zooms - a Nikon 35-70 f2.5 and a 70-200 f2.5 These are my go-to lenses for any event where I'm not sure if I'll need a variable focal length. The 35-70 is actually really good for stage photography. As for the film - for anything OTHER than outdoor - landscape stuff, I've never been much of a fan of Fuji stocks. They seem to be very saturated and green always seems to pop more than any other color. As a cinematographer - I have the same bias that most other cinematographers and old film photographers have - I don't want colors that are too saturated towards red (because you get all sorts of artifacts and it's too difficult to correct - red being the first layer of halides to expose in film) and green... because if you are shooting a person - green skin looks icky. But this is one time that I wish I had a roll of Fuji. This van shot in film with Fuji would have been killer.
Interesting. The van is too colorful for my eyes haha. By the way, do you use two different camera for travel photo and photoshoots? Or do you switch between lens?
I can't decide if I like this in color more or in black and white - the van in itself is just so cool!!!
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