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I hate to talk shit on certain companies, but one of them deserves it.

Churchill. We all know them, they sell the blank decks for pretty cheap prices. I bought a Kray and I've been doing some EXTREMELY light freestyle on the board (I'm talkin flat tops and shovit's, thats it) and the board is chipping all over the place, its insane. I've had it for a few days, and it looks like I've had it for years. I mean, I expected shit for the price but not THIS BAD!!! It can't even handle the lightest freestyle possible. I can't even imagine what the damage would be in a crash going 10+ mph. It'd probably explode into a million pieces of bad quality plywood. 3/10 not gonna recommend Churchill anymore. Waste of money. I'll post pics in a few hours, I'm going out to eat.
Ya get what you pay for. Cheap ply dude it's to soft
I have the same problem. I wasn't expecting much for $30. I found it a good intro deck to begin freestyling. I think it's decent if someone is new to longboarding and doesn't want to dish out $150 plus just to see if they're into it or not.
Blow the whistle! Thanks for letting us know brah
that's why i stickered my ltd. it feels super sturdy to ride, but got a bunch of nicks and gouges just from riding...a little paint and laminate might help
I can't say much about the quality of their boards Cuz I don't have one, but I've heard of their bad customer service, especially during the sale.
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