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So I'm super late with this obviously but my name's Mackenzie and I'm 18 and have been longboarding almost every day for about a year now. I'm not the best skater out there but who cares as long as you enjoy yourself right? Just purchased a new board last night and can't wait till it gets here!! I ride a loaded tan tien primarily and so far I haven't ridden a better board. This community is awesome and every chance I get im scrolling through checking out the latest posts. You guys are awesome
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Doesn't matter bro it's still nice to meet you
3 years ago·Reply
I'll definitely do an unveiling.... When I get it haha. It's not even going to ship out until the 9th because it's custom :( @BrittneySowell
3 years ago·Reply
ur gunna love that bustin dude!! (: ahh great to meet ya!*:
3 years ago·Reply
I don't doubt it for a second! @KLAIRELAURIE I'm like a little kid waiting for Christmas
3 years ago·Reply
nice to meet you. getting anything that is skate related feels like that
3 years ago·Reply