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I just need to take a moment and share that I am currently obsessed with a small chain of ice cream parlors called Sloan's Luxury Ice Cream. I know what you're thinking. The 'luxury' in the name of Sloan's Luxury Ice Cream may sound like it's a bit stretching it. How can a bowl of ice cream be compared to a sports car or an urban high-rise? But take a look inside any of their locations, and all would be completely understood. This week, a Sloan's Luxury Ice Cream opened in my hometown, the first location outside of Sloan's native state of Florida. The counters stretched from wall to wall, offering a wide array of desserts, including cookies, brownies, caramel and candy apples, fudge, candy, gelato, soft-serve frozen yogurt, and, of course, ice cream. The parlor is also a toy store, literally lined with stuffed animals and games for pretty much every age group. (For those who have ever been to Manhattan, just imagine a love baby between FAO Schwarz and Dylan's Candy Bar. Yeah, it's that intense.) But what pulled me into the store, and why I'm sharing this with the rest of you Vinglers, is the amazing interior design. Every single Sloan's Ice Cream location is pink! Very pink! I joked to a friend that it felt like I was swimming through Pepto Bismol just walking from one side of the room to the next. There's pink chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and pink carnival style detail work across the front of each counter, not to mention the pink wallpaper, pink tiled floors, and pink painted ceilings. But perhaps my most favorite of all of these quirky design points was the large painting of the Mona Lisa enjoying her own enormous ice cream cone! As my local parlor just opened, I wasn't able to find many good shots of the inside. So here are some great compiled shots from their many locations. Enjoy the pink and get inspired! (Also, if you're heading to the Florida area and want to check out one of these funky little parlors for yourself, I've provided a link to the main website!)
Wow. I would go there. I'd probably eat a ton of salad and protein first, but I'd definitely get ice cream! :)
Hahahaha Mona Lisa holding an icecream cone is funny. Very unique place and I wish to visit of I have a chance.
@danidee How do I link you?
@marshalledgar Link me to it! I want to seeee.
Where in Florida? I'm going to be in Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando for Christmas. I'd love to check this place out, if only for the spectacular interiors. @danidee, did you happen to see my card on my pink obsession? lol The green exterior is beautiful too.
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