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Wired republished a story they released 10 years ago about 4 Mexican immigrants students from Carl Hayden Community High School in Arizona who beat M.I.T at an underwater robot competition. The story is a bit lengthy, but it's worth the read. Lorenzo Santillan, Oscar Vazquez, Cristian Arcega, and Luis Aranda teamed up to create "Stinky", a robot that could navigate underwater. Their story is inspiring and shows us that with enough determination, you can do anything, regardless of your background, age, or financial status. What I really love about the story was how their team worked. Lorenzo was the "mechanics man", Oscar was leader, Cristian was the brainiac, and Luis was the "tether man". Each student had something they were good at and passionate about and together they formed the perfect team. I'm also inspired by the teachers/advisers that helped these students with the project and motivated them to keep going. It's so important for educators to show support for students...and as shared in the article, their teachers learned that the students had even more potential than they ever imagined. A new movie is coming out in January based on this real story called "Spare Parts". I attached the trailer so you can see. I'm excited to see it. Just reading this story has me inspired...I hope that the movie captures this inspiration well!
I remember reading this story once before; great to see it's going to become a movie that can inspire some others to try to do the "impossible" as well. Thanks for sharing!!
cool I'll keep an eye out for the movie...
@nehapatel, of course...I'm glad others are looking forward to the movie as well!!