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So anyone have any good ideas for a really nice freeride wheel? I was thinking about Abec (because I've never owned a set) but I mainly just need something that will slide with ease that I can throw down on but also durable enough to last a while. also, I'd like to hear opinions on Cadillac Swingers. aaaand GO! :D
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haha sounds like the general consensus is Amber Freeride hahaha. oh @mpoblete congrats on winning that board! hows it working out for you?
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that's a good brand to keep in mind then. I really just want to be able to start stand up sliding. I'm killing the game on puck slides and stuff but my wheels seem to grippy now that they are broken in. (seismic bootleg)
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@TwistThane I haven't received it yet lol so I'm not sure, a little nervous 'cause it's 26.5" lolol. Thanks man! Everything's dope though, thank you for asking! ;)
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ooh yea that's super short lol I'd be sketched out. when I have too short of a board its just a comfort level thing
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My go to is Boss hawgs an Bustin 5Os although I enjoy Zombie Hawgs at lower speeds.
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