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heyy guys C: im maybe a little late on this but i recently just joined here. I saw that this app has stuff to do with kpop, and i right away downloaded it 馃槀 you can already tell i love kdrama, etc cuz koreans are awesome. For hobbies i love to draw, i can draw anime, realistic people; just those that are very beautiful to me, i truly wish to get better and hopefully get into an art university. i love freelineskating, volleyball, and philosophy in general (; im actually a very outgoing openminded person and i love to help others out even if its strangers. Lets pass good vibes 馃樃馃挄
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@ugsi thank you :)
Welcome to Vingle! Looking forward to chatting with you, especially in Anime, Art and Philosophy communities!
@sanityscout thank you:)
welcome to vingle. you are just in time
@assassin38 thank yoy