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Which I decided to name Girlfriend (see this post for inside joke ) ! I drove borderline close to NYC (which was hell btw), spent $200 on the Chubby Unicorn deck, and cleaned her up. My Girlfriend was super dirty. She had a gum stain, her rails and kick tails had charcoal black marks all over, stains all over the bottom deck, and mud on the griptape. It was only 4 months old. Cleaning/Restoration: 2 grades of fine sandpaper for the rails and bottom deck. Bottom deck was prone to scratches since it's made of Polyethylene, so I had to be super careful. I also wiped it with alcohol and rag, as well as semi-dried cleaning wipes. Soft wire brush for griptape to remove the mud. Setup: I'm lucky I became friends with someone high up in Paris Trucks. He hooked me up with a deal. I spent $106.50 for the custom colored Paris V2 trucks (if you see this, you know who you are--THANK YOU, MAN--see you soon!), Abec 11 Freerides 72mm 84a, Paris Risers, two different sizes of hardware, Holesom pucks, and a pair of Landyachtz leather gloves. Then I bought new Bones Swiss Bearings for $25. I really liked the Bones Swiss (I have it on my Madrid Dream Drop Through). I ran into some mishaps. For one, I wasn't watching myself, and I dug a screw in too deep, so I got washers, and put that with my screws (should've done this in the first place). I switched from Countersink flathead screws to Panhead screws as well. Also, I was originally going to put Orangatang Stimulus 86a on it, but the shop sent me Orangatang Cages instead (but it's cool, I kept the Cages and they sold me the Stims for $15 to compensate me). Anyway, now I got spare stuff. I'm pretty much broke, but it's cool. I'm happy as heck! I like the aggressive concave. It's really long though, so I have to adjust my stance, and be aware of my foot placement when I'm working on slides (I'm 5'6"). The kick tails grind down kind of easy if you ride hard, so that sucks (and yeah, the polyethylene is NOT indestructible. It was raising up a bit on the kick tail edge, but nothing glue and a clamp couldn't fix). It's also SUPER light. It's hard to believe it's only 4.9 pounds. With the trucks and everything on it, it's probably 10 pounds, give or take. Definitely a different feel from a Tessy (which I feel is also very much worth owning). The before pic is pic #10. You can see the sanded and unsanded rail on pic #9. Special thanks to my friend Alex for going with me to get this. It's madd stressful driving borderline to the city. And to Slothy for his carpentry skillz, and giving me woodwork advice.
I'm not a hoe, I'm a lady. This is the fruit of my post-college labor. Stay in school, kids! ;)
Oh my mother of god your girlfriend is beautiful! Hahaha(; seriously oml I am so jealous. You cleaned it up nice!!
looks amazing!!!
I almost wanna say screw you for having such an awesome board but I'm not that evil. Id ride your girlfriend any time.
yuh hoez r rich af smh
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