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i drew this picture 2 years ago, haha this is my version of naruto, he looks more mature and vengeful in a way (; i love naruto so much and sad that the manga ended, the anime is coming to an end too </3 narutp taught me so many life lessons and im forever grateful to a character that never existed :)
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How cool! Once again I love that you are able to put your unique touch on such a well-known character. I think you did a nice job with the shading and creasing - and his eyes are pretty captivating!
@sanityscout thank you :D
I love this! Naruto was the first anime I got into. He is forever my favorite. You did very well in this! It's probably close to what he would look like if he was the vengeful one. ^_^
@Princess2328 haha thank you :)
Love it is beautiful