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100 Years of Makeup in Less than One Minute
This is such a fun video! The video starts with the 1910s and goes through 2010, giving an example of one possible style for each decade of style. While I don't think each decade was completely accurate (the makeup all felt a bit like a modern interpretation of a past style) the video, overall, gave a really nice glance into just how looks and style focuses have changed over time!!! I feel like these moments were captured at the middle of each decade, and they definitely don't capture everything about the style of that decade, but it's for sure a fun interpretation!
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@caricakes lmaoo ikr she has nice facial features
3 years ago·Reply
I really love the 1930s hair :)
3 years ago·Reply
I can't lie. I still love 1970s hair. So much body and loose waves!
3 years ago·Reply
great work
3 years ago·Reply
1960's thooo
3 years ago·Reply