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"When a woman has something to say, she has a lot to say". *Written by Me. ;) In a relationship, engagedment and marriage... there's always has to be trust, love and communication. have something on your mind and need to let it out as soon as possible? Do it! Nothing will go wrong, because you just want your relationship to get better and stronger. Same goes for the guys! :) Talk in person or on the phone. leave it between both of you, because a relationship, engagement and marriage is only for two, not more that that. You guys are each other's best friends. You love him, you love her... don't be afraid and let it out. #Love #Communication #Trust
what I meant to keep it between both of you was that, when couples have problems they will let the world know. then, it will form into drama. Trying to fix and safe the relationship between the both of you, is the best thing ever. having people in your life that you can receive advice from, is helpful.
From the experience that I've been, it's ok to talk to a best friend about it. or someone that's older and been through the same situations. I would first go to my partner and if I need any advice, anything, I would definitely go to someone that I trust fully and that I know will give me the right advice.
I agree on both points, @sanityscout. I think it is hard to build trust with another person when they withhold things from you. People always forget that we are not mind readers. We blame each other and resent each other for things that could have been fixed if we had just expressed them.
This is very important advice! I especially like your tip to "leave it between the two of you." It's tempting to always share with our friends or complain about our relationships, instead of just directly letting the other person know what you need or think. But that doesn't make sense, does it?
I agree completely! If you bottle things up and don't speak out, things tend to fester and become way worse than they actually were.