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has anyone used hockey pucks for slide pucks?
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They are rubber, you will grip, you will get fucked by the concert. 10 outta 10 no goes, 10 outta 10 nopes, 10 outta 10 fuck naw. Although my one buddy did glue one to his fish boards tail. Got a ton of extra use outta the deck. Only bad part was the puck added a bit of weight obviously.
listen to Steve haha they are rubber even if they feel smooth and slick they will indeed stick and you will fuck Ur shit up
@jdizzy he's maybe wanting his pucks for slowing down n stopping. Sticky pucks =varying control
go for it if you want dude don't let me stop you. maybe you can make it work. I'm just saying I've tried it before and dislocated my shoulder and got a bunch of road rash. be careful and wear a helmet at least