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Hello writers and readers! As I announced earlier this month, I want to start featuring collections from the writers in this community. As the Creative Writing moderator, I have the ability to feature (2) collections so that they appear as one of the top collections in our community. Throughout November, I featured my own Creative Writing prompts collection ( in hopes of encouraging more people to contribute to our community, as well as @hikaymm 's original non-fiction piece "Mangchis." ( Now that we have more contributors, I'd like to feature some other writers for the first 2 weeks of November! For the first two weeks of December, I'll be featuring these two collections: - D James Breaux's Collection "Human Chronicles" by @DJamesBreaux - "Creative Writing By Kaitlynn Janae" by @KaitlynnJanae These two collections exemplify something I love about our community: originality! They present these writers original works to the community, which is something I hope more and more people can do! As we grow, I would love to see collections focused on a particular story, such as in @hikaymm's Mangchi's collection, or that focus on work from a specific writer, such as in the two collections that are featured today. I hope to change these two collections after two weeks before my moderator period ends at the end of the month. So, if you curate your works into a great collection with a nice look to it, you might be chosen! Good luck, everyone :)
Congrats you guys!!
Rock n Roll, let's do this thing, come one come all =D
@KaitlynnJanae You and me both! I'm hoping that, with some love and encouragement, we can get more people involved. For now, let's all keep supporting each other, and hoping that grows!
I can't wait to see what everyone does with their collections! There's so much potential for creativity when it comes to choosing a theme, or curating your own works, curating the works of others around a certain theme - and also choosing covers and writing descriptions! So many possibilities. Go get 'em, everyone!
This makes me excited :) I wish there were more people adding their pieces to this community.
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