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Should you Enter those Mobile Photography Competitions?
This is a constant dilemma for those who wish to get validated as a good mobile photographer. Should you pay to enter a competition or should you enter those for free?
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Photo contests are plentiful. Never enter one if you have to pay to pay for submissions, there are too many free competitions with big names out there.
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Man what a moneymaker for those crooks lol
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competitions like that sounds fake. they're just trying to find a way to get money. right? I wouldn't trust it. why would we want to pay to enter a competition? It should be free.
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@tati91 Unfortunately, most online contest are fee based. It's probably quite safe to assume they make money from this but you have to do the maths to see how much. I have subscribed to lots of list and the number of paid entry contest has been growing year by year. It has eclipse the free competitions held globally.
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ooooh. I didn't know that. I've never give much attention to the online contents. I feel like some of them are not real.
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