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Although I think the lead-in is absolutely awful, this video does a great job in a short amount of time at showing what a library makerspace can look like. If you're going to start one, I recommend first doing research on local companies that could donate supplies, and build your makerspace around that. If you've got tech companies, head in that direction. If your area has more industrial companies, see what they make, and brainstorm about how you could use their donations. Flexibility on your part is essential if you want to create a makerspace on a budget. After all, the goal is to start one. Once your students discover how cool it is, you can start asking for funding:)
It's such a great idea to try to focus on what your area has available as resources, so that you're able to fully supplement your makerspace in the best way possible!
@nehapatel, I also am thinking if we get donations from local businesses, we might also get some employees interested in helping us out with cool projects!