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Epik High on repeat ✨
@danidee oh man. I have three favorite songs lol Burj Kalifa, We Fight Ourselves & Born Hater (: I can't seem to like Eyes Nose Lips. I think I like the original too much lol What about you?
This album is so perfect. I haven't stopped listening to it much either. I keep getting a new favorite song on it! What's yours?
I feel like this is Epik High returning to the older days of Emotion or Epilogue (two of my fav albums)
I need to listen to their version then (8 I've played their album so many times Spoiler is starting to be my least favorite but still better than Eyes Nose Lips lmao
@aabxo I feel the same way! The Taeyang original is the best. The Akdong Musician version is really pretty too. I love Rich and Amor Fati off the Epik High album, although all the singles on it are fantastic too!