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I am beauty. I am the sun’s light kissing the face of the Earth. I am a mother’s love, and a father’s sacrifice. I am beauty. I am the flowing waters of the rivers, Always coming, always going, never ceasing. I am beauty. I am love that consumes, Compassion that bemuses the heart it touches. I am beauty. I am love without memory, Holding on to no wrongs of the past. I am forgiveness. Forgiveness is beauty, Like the sun's light, The mother's love, The father's sacrifice, And the flowing waters. Forgiveness Is love without memory, Compassion that bemuses. Forgiveness is what I offer you, Because I am beauty.
#Awesomeness, really dig the construction.
Thanks, man.
Very nice. LIke @DJamesBreaux said, the parallel structure of the lines is great. It really got me into a rhythm that I liked
@timeturnerjones, thanks, man.