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I really don't know if anyone ever watches these drama specials here , but I always do. This one here is definitely a touching story. I will totally recommend these drama specials to anyone who is actually looking for short and sweet story for the time being. And not in the mood to watch an actual drama serial. Their are actually many KBS Drama specials here in youtube based on different stories some are just love stories, some are stories of family and siblings , some are stories of individuals meeting each other and having these connections with each other and creating a special bonds with each other, due to similar circumstances life has put them through, which is more like the story of this one. I will highly recommend you all should watch these drama special whenever you are in a mood of watching a short film or just a drama with one episode. I hope you all like it and do check out these drama specials. Enjoy Everyone and goodnight.
I never really knew about these before! Thanks for sharing!! I look forward to more^^
never known before...i'll watch it...thanks @sherrysahar :-)
I love the Drama Special! Chansung was in one. it's great if you don't have the time to marathon a whole drama series haha