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Has anyone used "Tri-Flow" lubricant. It's the only lubricant they sell at my local board shop and I got to say I like it work a hell of allot better than speed cream.
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That is pretty awesome let us know how it works because I might try some
3 years ago·Reply
I need it. living near the beach I have to deal with salt to.
3 years ago·Reply
@EugeneAlcantar I've used it on my rc car bearings and then when I started longboarding. it last way longer and is thinner than speed cream, and it somewhat cleans making for a fast smooth spin. it's basically high quality wd-40
3 years ago·Reply
@KTM2014 dude never ever put wd-40 anywhere on your board or bearings that could cut the bearings life in half or even less
3 years ago·Reply
@IanRichardson it was just an example. I don't ever use anything but lubricant made for speed. Tri - Flow is a damn good lube. As they call it, it's superior
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