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There are plenty of things about the holidays that you can't escape - the cleaning, the shopping, the cooking, etc - but I have good news for you...You're burning some serious calories! Here are some examples of how many calories normal holiday activities burn and will hopefully inspire some of you to happily clean your house :) Shopping: Walking, standing, pushing a cart or carrying bags can really get your heart pumping. As long as you aren't shopping with a venti peppermint mocha in one hand, you'll be burning serious calories! Time spent: 45 minutes Calorie Burn: Up to 300 calories an hour! Shoveling Snow: Be sure you're bending your knees and not straining your back for this activity. You'll get a full body toning workout and will also have a clean driveway. What's better than that!? Time Spent: 1 Hour Calorie Burn: 300-400 Calories an hour! Cooking: Preparing that huge Christmas meal? You're working hard! All of that stirring, chopping, lifting, and stuffing adds up! Time Spent: 4.5 Hours Calorie Burn: 200 Calories Calling Your Family: Get up from the couch and walk around your house as you talk to your loved ones. Climb the stairs, walk backwards, or even march in place! Time Spent: 1 Hour Calorie Burn: Up to 200 calories! Housework: Ah, the dreaded sweeping and dusting that we all have to do before our family comes over. Well, it turns out that while you're making your house spotless you're burning off those leftovers you just had :) Time Spent: 1 Hour Calorie Burn: Up to 200 Calories Clearing the Table: Let's hope this doesn't really take you an hour, but if it does you'll be torching those calories in no-time at all! Time Spent: 1 hour Calorie Burn: 100 calories in a hour!
Shoveling takes SO much effort. Glad it really does me some good :)
These are great reminders that every day activities can burn some serious fat :)
@kristenadams LOL! This will make cleaning more fun haha
There isn't really snow where I live to shovel, but I can shop til I drop!
shoveling snow is definitely not easy work. but the sense of accomplishment is priceless. until the next morning...