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This is a really nice video. First off, I love that he is so concerned about getting his line crossed in the beginning. With a fish that big on the line, you don't want anything messing it up. In the end, Joe reels in a massive 54 inch long shortnose sturgeon one his kayak in Sturgeon Alley on the Kenebecasis River. Amazing catch!
@mcgraffy This is why I am an IRA type guy . Which stands for I Ride Alone . Fishing , motorcycle riding almost everything. people have said I don't play well with others and this guy shows u why we need solitude when we're doing something we love . this was a big body of water and he should have stayed away . FAR AWAY . There was no rhyme to his intrusion either time . Anyway need to stop my bitching and get to fishing . still haven't got the giude lines here for ice thickness but I will keep trying to find them . til then tight lines my friends .
I'm not going to comment on the guy that intrudes not only once but twice . other than that he does an awesome job getting the fish in but I agree he needed to get it back in the water Lil faster. Nice video
@BrianMcNeeley Definitely should have stayed out of the area!! I like fishing with friends sometimes too but yeah I Ride Alone if I don't know you and you weren't invited
@BrianMcNeeley I like that IRA. Ha! I think that might be me most of the time, too
@BrianMcNeeley What is up with that? He wouldn't get out of the way.
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