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Pretty awesome video that starts out about 15 seconds after a big hook set. His handling of the the actual landing phase was perfect. Not easy to get your hand on the leader from a yak. Many resort to high-sticking at that point, and it usually results in Ka-Pow !! You can read more about Rob's experience on his blog, but basically he is usuing a heavy spinning guy for big fish, but he took the chance of trying to go after a big one on the fly--and yes he finished successfully!!
I can't tell if he's kneeling or standing up around 6:00 but that's pretty impressive!
@dougjohnson You're so right!! @yakwithalan Did he mention what he used to start learning? If he can find this kind of success, I think I can try, too
Wow! That's what I'm talking about when I talk about true fishing. It's not just about catching, but about challenging yourself to make the best catch you can.