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This is a lure that survival books will tell you to put together. Simple ready made hook, wire, coin all of which you can find at home, or should keep in a survival kit. If you put a wrap of wire on the hook shank helps keep the coin from slipping. It has a wobble action and flash. Fished jigged or retrieved, it should catch fish. I have read stories of these being used by downed pilots, and sailors in life rafts where no bait was available, and they were able to catch fish. If possible, any scent you could add to the lure is better than none. Even if you could not get a large enough worm to put on the hook just smearing the wire with the crushed up worm would help. You could do the same with bird guts etc. Scent is a big trigger for fish. I've used a smaller one of these made with a smaller hook and a penny and caught; the one in the photo is untried I think!
@dougjohnson Yeah! To be honest I hadn't thought of learning this or keeping it with me initially; a friend recommended it
This is a great idea; I didn't think of something like this, but in a survival situation it's osmthing we should really all learn ot use!
@yakwithalan How would I be able to use this? I think it'd be too hard
These are great to make sure you pack while camping, too. I've never had to use mine before, but you'll be relieved just to know you have it.