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@ugsi ahah I fell in love with the culture and country! it was truly an amazing experience, I would Def do it again. yeah, the only way to expand your vocabulary and practice pronunciation is by practicing with native speakers. (least in my experience)
How cool,I'd love to go to Korea to,it would be great for my Korean vocabulary,and it looks like you had a lot of fun to :)
yeah. hmm, also, the only way to practice pronunciation is to be corrected. you have to let the native speaker know that you want to be corrected otherwise they won't say anything. I had to tell my roommate to correct me if I said something wrong or was not being formal, though I didn't have to be cause I was the older one.
Me too. :'( Whenever I try to use Korean in Koreatown here, they all respond in English. Haha, it's still America, so English is still the standard.
I was on scholarship for six months, I got back in late june. It definitely helps to be forced to use it constantly. My vocabulary is lacking, and since I rarely use it I think im forgetting. Ahah which is horrible, I hope to someday master it, if not come close to mastering it.
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