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Projected laser lights by BlissLights are perfect for those of use who hate putting up their Christmas lights . With spotlights, you are able to project thousands of tiny points of red, green, blue, and other colors. This means you no longer need to put up wires! You can buy them for $179 or $199 each, so the cost could add up if you want to light your whole house. BlissLights offers them for $179 or $199 each, depending on whether the lights are in motion. It's on the pricey side, but may be a good investment since it will save you time. Also, you would be able to use them for so occasions, they don't have to be just for the holidays. Check out their website at:
@onesmile Yes, I agree! Hopefully they become more popular and less expensive :-)
This is actually really genius! When I first read the titlte, I thought that's wayyyy too lazy, but actually, it's really economical, and efficient!