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It's definitely colder outside - and the family's definitely shivering. We still try to bundle up and get in our outdoor fun, but now there are many more hours we have to fill with indoor types of fun. I don't know about your toddlers, but my kid gets a little bit stir-crazy when he's cooped in inside for too long. I'm looking for ideas for things to do with him that will keep him entertained and me with a semblance of sanity! This first list is of 5 crafting projects you can do together that are perfect for the holidays. You get an entertained child and also something to decorate with or treasure! Win-win! 1. Make a beautiful DIY star-show, like this one on Surprise DIY: http://goo.gl/lst8yK. It's great for when the nights arrive early! Materials you'll need: - Aluminum tray - Scissors - Awl - Mason Jar - Stick-on LED light (http://goo.gl/JMzDRp) Follow the link for the full tutorial. You'll have to do the cutting and poking yourself, but you can do the assembly together - and enjoy the magic star show! Approximate time to make (or time killed haha): 30 minutes Time to enjoy: Lots! 2. Shiny Snowflake Mosaics, like these from Inner Child Fun: http://goo.gl/Q0tz8c Materials you'll need: - Aluminum foil, torn into pieces - Construction paper - A container for the foil pieces - Double-sided tape for you to make the snowflake designs Follow the link for the full tutorial! Approximate time to make: 30 minutes How to enjoy: Hang them up, or make a few on different colors of paper - scan them - then arrange in a collage that you can use for Christmas cards or frame as art for their room! 3. 3D Paper Christmas Tree, also from Inner Child Fun: http://goo.gl/LR7iSz Materials you'll need: - Green cardstock (or recycle a file folder) - Your child's choice of stickers - it can be anything from colored circles like ornaments, little stars or just their favorite characters or creatures! - Scissors - Sticky note stars, or stars cut out of cardstock or construction paper Follow the link for the full tutorial. Approximate time: 45 min - 1 hr. How to enjoy: Display it on the mantle, the table or in their room! 4. Snow Dough, like this one I saw on Ten Kids and a Dog: http://goo.gl/0DomZL. Their link to the playdough tutorial wasn't working, so I recommend this one from Instructables, minus the food dye (since it needs to be white) and adding glitter instead: http://goo.gl/oCrAqs Materials you'll need: - 1/2 c. salt - 1/2 c. water - 1 c. flour - Silver glitter (or colors - less authentic but maybe more fun!) Follow the linked Instructables tutorial and add glitter to the mix. Approximate time to make: 10-15 minutes Time to enjoy: Hours of fun! 5. Hand & Footprint Reindeer, like this one from All Kids Network: http://goo.gl/skE2D8 Materials you'll need: - Light brown construction paper - Dark brown construction paper - Red pom pom - 2 Googly eyes - Glue - Scissors - Pencil Follow the link for the full tutorial. Approximate time to make: 45 minutes (or longer, depends on how squirrely your toddler is during the tracing!) How to enjoy: You could have each family member make one and have a whole family of reindeer to hang on the mantle! I hope you can enjoy these fun crafts with your toddlers when you're stuck inside! Follow my "Holiday Tips for Tots" and "Indoor Fun with Toddlers" collections for more indoor play tips - I'll post one next on some fun action songs to get all those wiggles out, as well as one on easy holiday treats to make with toddlers. Holiday Tips for Tots: http://www.vingle.net/collections/1631790 Indoor Fun with Toddlers: http://www.vingle.net/collections/1631792