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Okay, so it's getting a little cold out. If you're the type to take to the fireplaces and stay inside and warm for the rest of winter, cool. If you still plan on hiking, one of the things you need to consider most is trail nutrition! Why? Because in winter, when you are working to trudge around with snow shoes, or just struggling more to get through the mounds of snow, your body is going through a lot more energy. If you’re going to be out backpacking, snowshoeing or climbing for any length of time because you need to eat 5,000 to 6,000 calories per day, which is 25-50% more than you need for other seasonal backpacking. When you pack up your food bag for a winter trip, it’s really important that you count your calories carefully and portion out your snacks and meals in advance. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you are not eating enough because you will wear down fast. Pack foods that you like eating, so that you'll actually eat it! There are some other problems that arise when you consider packing for winter: you don’t want to bring along food that requires a long time to cook or a lot of water to rehydrate. Water and time are in short supply in the winter because it takes extra fuel to melt snow and because you can get chilled if you have to wait a significant time for breakfast or dinner to cook. Some foods that are often great for backpacking, like Snickers bars, are not good for winter because they freeze and you can't eat them! But, you can bring along some foods that normally are unsafe, such as takeaway food or precooked food since the temperature will keep them fresh. No matter what foods you choose, you need to bring a lot of it! It takes a certain amount of dedication to eat enough food throughout your day, and if you don't, you'll be facing serious exhaustion and have a hard time staying warm because of the lack of energy to keep yourself heated!
@TrevorGoldley Yeah, really tough hikes, through snow, and with a heavy bag!
This is actually great I've been hiking for years, and never knew half of this
@happyrock If I just do a 3 day thru hike do my numbers need to be that high or is that more when your body is on a high metabolism kick?
Wow-- when would you really hit that upper calorie limit? thru serious snowpack?
@himanxk I'm glad I could help! I never hiked in cold climates, but when I started I had a good friend tell me some of this, and I did some research to learn more. I hope it helps!
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