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Do you find yourself taking photos while out on a ride? Good news, you are not alone! Here are 10 great hashtags you can use for your own pictures or to check out other people's photos! #baaw It's quite simply an acronym for “bike against a wall”. The art of propping up your bike against a wall is often the easiest way to set it up for photos. Bonus points for those who find a really interesting wall to prop up against. #roadporn One of the best things about cycling is the beautiful landscapes and scenery you will see for the seat of your bike. Stunning switchbacks, great road-side views, narrow tree-lined backroads; they’re all great for this hashtag! #foreverbuttphotos When you are riding along with your friends and you want to snap a photo, the easiest option is to shoot the direction you are going. This has one major drawback (or advantage depending on how you look at it), just about every shot taken in this way is going to feature a butt or two from your fell cyclists. #outsideisfree This is a simple hashtag with a big meaning. It can speak volumes about the most appealing aspect of cycling, the fact that your bike gives you an outlet to relieve stress and hassle from everyday life. It can also be taken as a matter of fact, riding or excising outside is free and often more entertaining than being inside. #fromwhereiride This hashtag is for pride. It speaks of pride of your local cycling spots. Use this one to share moments of your local rides with friends! #WYMTM It stands for "What You Missed this Morning" and it is all about beautiful sunrises, quiet roads, misty climbs and all the great sights and feelings that comes with waking up and dragging yourself out of bed early for a ride in the morning. #sockdoping This small piece of kit says a lot about a rider, so this hashtag is a homage to the cycling sock. Outlandish and loud socks make a statement, but they’re less daring than a loud jersey and bib combination. #kitspiration Not the most popular of hashtags in this list, but it is interesting! Every now and again you find something great. Whether it is used for your own design, an awesome design you saw, or inspiration for a new design, this is the hashtag for it! #bikeporn This is pretty self explanatory at this point. Many cyclists love bikes, bike tech, and bike parts. This hashtag is for showing off the awesome, the vintage, the strange, the unusual, or even the ordinary two wheeled companion. #notbeachroad This started as a Melbourne-specific hashtag but it has grown to be localized. Beach Road is a very popular cycling road in Melbourne so stating #notbeachroad means you are going against the norm and adventuring into paths less taken.
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I like #WYMTA (what you missed this afternoon) because I can't seem to get myself out of bed in the morning sometimes!
@AustinH Nice one! I go for the #bikeselfie a lot!